The very first thing I posted here and on the Upstaged Facebook page yesterday was an announcement that Anne Hathaway would be making her Broadway debut this September as Sally Bowles in a revival of Cabaret. This morning, Twitter informed me that this announcement was a sad, sad hoax, and took it all back. So I deleted the posts.

I really feel like that’s an inauspicious beginning for Upstaged, but let’s call it a rehearsal.

Still, I really liked the idea of Hathaway as Sally. After her award-winning turn in the Les Miserables movie, it seemed completely plausible as well as completely awesome. I’d totally buy tickets to see that. (Especially as Alan Cumming would also be/is in fact in the production.) (Until they tell me that one was a false rumor, too. Lies and deception everywhere I turn!)

Sally may not be played by Anne Hathaway any time soon, but the role has been performed previously by her Les Mis co-star Samantha Barks, as well as movie stars Molly Ringwald, Lea Thompson (who will never, ever be anything other than Marty McFly’s mom to me), Brooke Shields, and the eternally wonderful Dame Judi Dench. And yes, in case you couldn’t tell from my superlatives, that last is the one I most wish I could have seen.

Who would you most love to see play this iconic Broadway role? Leave your dream casting in the comments. (Bonus points for dream cast Emcees to go with your Sallys!)